Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well Read Wednesday: Book Recomendation

Well were to start with this one, I guess I will start with my love for reading. I am the youngest girl of six children; I have 3 older sisters an older brother and a younger brother. Getting time with mom was not an easy thing at our house. My mom loved to read and when she did have down time she was reading. So I started to ask her about her books and what books she had read that she thought I might like to read. We would check out two copies of a book and I would read one and she would read the other and we would talk about what we were reading.

I loved it! I was hooked, I loved sitting with my mom reading.
Today I have been thinking of my mom a lot, not sure why today of all days I would melt into tears at those thoughts. Maybe it was that the stuffed peppers that I made for dinner last night tasted just like hers. Maybe it is because my son has her eyes and I see her when I look into them. It could be that I my hands look like hers minus the scars of her well lived life. My final guess would be it is because I have chosen adversity as my topic of study this week. My mom helped write the definition of adversity, some adversity was caused by her choices, some was because of the choices of others, and some was just a natural part of her life here on Earth. It brings me to think of our last serious conversation before she passed away. She called me to tell me that "I was not living my life", not the hello how is your day going kind of conversation. I laughed and said, "What are you talking about". She said "you’re not living life, you’re not making mistakes". I replied back, "So you want me to go out and sin?" She was exasperated that I was not getting her meaning and told me that "you’re not getting what I am trying to say". We then moved on to other, lighter subjects. I have often played that conversation in my head over and over again, trying to grasp at what she was trying to tell me.

Mom I finally see your meaning.

Adversity is what makes the weak become strong. You can’t learn and grow to your full potential sitting on the sidelines catching the occasional foul ball. You have to get in and play the game. As a teenager my bishop suggested I read this book, and I pass that suggestion onto you. Life is all about adversity. It is how we tackle the adversity that leads to growth in this life and opportunities in the eternities.

What helps you get through adversity?

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  1. I agree. I think sometimes that by doing the usual..sometimes we aren't living to our full potential. I think I can picture your mom being exasparated, LOL. She was a take charge kind of lady without regrets. As I have thought about conversations and different scenarios with my Mom and Dad I have come to learn that I personally need to live my life and be my best self, without regrets and without living to someone else's standard but my own.