Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizing The Little Things

I guess since it is the new year I am on an Organizing Kick, and I wanted to share with you some of my Organizing Secrets.

Today I am going so show you my soap boxes ( I love these little things)

You can find these almost anywhere in the trail size section.

My favorites are the Wal-Mart $.97 (the color ones)

and the bigger white ones I found at the BX with a round toothbrush holder included for $.55

Of cours we use the round toothbrush holder to hold pencils (not shown)
I use them for so many little things. Here are some that go in our Church Bag/Pack Mtg Bag.

These other ones hold some smaller school supplies, & card games. My kids love to build card houses, but they either rip the box puting the cards away or lose it. You can put together a little boardom buster house of cards kit.

Just a deck of cards and a soap box.

I also have one in my junk drawer to hold all those little screws, washers, bolts, & nuts

Last but not least my favorite way to use these little soap boxes is to help keep my purse organized. I carry this one in my purse to keep my Iphone/Ipod accesories close at hand ond neatly put away.

I hope you have enjoyed my little rant. I'll get off my "Soap Box" now.

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  1. I really love this idea! In fact, it got me in the mood to organize.