Friday, January 20, 2012

Calling in "Sick" Today

Growing up our Mom had a way to make our "Sick" days BETTER days. Almost to the point that we would forget that we were sick. She would make the couch up to be the most perfect and comfortable spot in the house (talking loads of blankets and pillows). Have a tray next to it with books, Hot water with lemon and honey in it, and a bowl of soup and crackers, and A tall glass of ice cold sprite, She would also make me my most favorite get well snack Tapioca. Then after she made sure I was comfy she would put in the Get Well Soon Movies...

For some reason Pete's Dragon and Pollyanna made us feel better.

So its my turn to follow Mom's wonderful example. My 3 kiddos are sick today. I have the baby napping upstairs and the girls each have a couch. They are nicely snuggled with their Blankets and pillows. And Pete's Dragon is playing!

What makes you feel Better?

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  1. We must have grown up in the same house, because that is what we do on sick day's also ;0)