Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working at the Car Wash...

Who knew that getting your car washed could be such a Pretty Cool Experience? The kids love to go through the touch free car wash because of the colored foam that covers the car.

Happy Leap Day! What are you doing on your "Extra" Day?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Conference

I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every 6 months we have General Conference (the first weekend of April and Oct) This is where we all gather together and have the opportunity to hear our Living Prophet Thomas S Monson (and other general leaders) speak to us.
You can go here to learn more.
We have 3 toddlers and we have the opportunity to watch General Conference on TV. Maybe when they are a lot older we can try to attend at the Conference Center .

Last Oct I made "Conference Baskets" for each of the kids. I went to the Dollar store and found each a different colored baskets and then filled them up with crayons, pictures of Christ, Families, Prophets, and other related pictures that they could color. Also had some snacks for each of them like Apple slices, fruit snack, crackers, cookies, and a Bottle of water. Since conference is for the weekend I kept some for The Sat sessions (we have a morning and afternoon) and then had a stash for the Sun Sessions (again Morn/Afternoon).

My kids were so excited for their baskets. I don't expect them to sit for all of it. Like I said they are toddlers. In the pic below they are 2, 3, &4. (Since then my oldest turned 5). BUT they did AMAZING and I was able to listen to all of the very first sessions on Sat and Sun! Even my oldest was able to pick up little things here and there that was said and gave Hubby and I time to share our Testimonies with her.

The reason for the EARLY post of Conference (because I know its not until Mar 31-April 1) is because My now 5 year old asked if we were going to have the special baskets soon. And it got me thinking.... I have Amble of time to start getting things together.

Share some of your Conference Traditions

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Kids are making Dinner!

Its crazy I know especially since my kids are still in the toddler years (5, 3 1/2, 2). Its also true that your kids will eat better when they help you in the kitchen. My oldest is getting so independent now and she loves to help with everything. (I have been waiting for this day!!!) She now sweeps the floor, washes the table off, and helps daddy make sure the garbage is ready to be taken out. I love having her help!
I am a person who LOVES to try out a new recipe. But as of lately... give me something that is care free and take only seconds to prepare. I don't know how our Mom had dinner on the table at 5 while taking care of 6 plus kids that ranged in the ages from 1 to 10. Mom would always make everything for scratch and it would take all day for dinner. Me, I like to find a fast easy way out.
For instance.... We made Pizzas for Dinner the other night. The kids loved them!! Why? Because they made them. I thawed some Rhodes Rolls and the kids made their pizza rounds then we simply added our toppings. Then put in the oven until the crust was golden! Even my 2 year old could do this. They each ate 2 of them! They loved using their "Chef" skills. And now ask me if they can make Dinner tonight. (I dont know if I am ready for Pizza everynight, but maybe once a month we can have a special Pizza night!)

What are you making for Dinner tonight? Do your Kids help you in the kitchen?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Just a little TMI

So this is the reason for my lack of posting. I have been passing Kidney Stones

This has not been a fun process by no means. It all started about 3 weeks ago. I woke up at 2:30 AM in the worst pain ever. I really thought that I was having contractions only I KNEW that I'm NOT Pregnant. I finally woke up my Husband to tell him about the pain and that it wasn't going away, he ran downstairs and immediately got online to see what it could be. All kinds of things came up under side pain...Ectopic pregnancy was one of the things we were most concerned about. We called neighbors and they came running to our house to stay with the kids and Hubby took me to the ER.

Just to let some of you know if you have not had kidney stones but have given birth...I would take giving birth (mine were all c-sections) over this any day! HOLY COW PAIN Galore!

During my ER stay the did a CT scan and found that I had 2 stones (2mm and 4mm) stuck in the Ureter and some stones in the kidney. Also found that I have some Gallstones. (We are taking one step at a time. Take care of the Kidney stones then move on) I had 2 surgery procedures to remove the stones (just a laser thing to ZAP the ones that were stuck then the Doc removed the others to see what type they were which were the most common ones, calcium)

So here it is 3 weeks later. I am still in some pain but NOT like I was in the beginning. That was H*LL! SO I am drinking LOTS of H2O with DoTerra Lemon Essential Oil (if you would like some I have a friend that sells it) ans slowly making other changes so that I wont get any more of these trespasser's. And Slowly I am getting back in to the swing of things.

Have you had Kidney Stones? How did you manage the pain?

Also just a little SHOUT OUT to those that have helped us out during this time of need. We had many yummy meals brought in and the phone calls to check on me and also for the neighbors and friends that took my kids into their homes so that I could get my rest and my Hubby could get back to work. You all are great examples to me and I hope that I can return the favor soon. WE LOVE YOU ALL. I counted up all these that helped and what they did so I can get THANK YOUS out and there were 19 families that were there for us around the clock. I am still getting calls from people that want to help. You all are AMAZING!

How has someone served you? What have you done to help others in need?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crafters Block & A New Toy

I don't know whether it has been crafters block or busyness, but I haven't been in much of a crafting mood lately. It all changed yesterday when I got this little beauty off the UPS truck. I didn't get to play with it last night due to important family obligations (Family Home Evening & Prison Break with hubby). But as soon as my chores were done this morning I was ready to play. My first project was to personalize my Silhouette Cameo with this beautiful butterfly. My mom loved butterflies and she would have loved this fun little machine.

What gets you out of a crafters block?