Monday, January 2, 2012

A Brand New Start


It's normal for everyone to make a fresh start on New Years Day. Make resolutions for themselves like EAT HEALTHY, LOSE 20 or MORE POUNDS, ORGANIZE, MAKE BETTER RELATIONSHIPS, HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE, STOP YELLING AT KIDS (I'm just throwing that out there), SAVE MONEY. You get the idea! Every Year I try and I set these "Resolutions" knowing that I am NOT going to get passed the 2 nd week into the year.

So this Year I am setting Monthly ATTAINABLE Goals and go from there. I have always been a Journal keeper (since I was 12. I have 17 almost 18 books!) But since our mom passed away I haven't been as faithful to my own. I have written in my kids but have set mine aside. I am going to pick it back up starting NOW!

SO here are my JAN 2012 goals: 1) improve my blogging skills by keeping up with the blog and hopefully gain more readers as we do this. We have some great Ideas and giveaways coming up. We started this almost 3 years ago. Many blogs that have started then have a ton of followers and giveaways and...well you know cause you read them! We are just a small simple thing. We just like to share what we think others might be interested in seeing. Nothing too "Martha" Just something that we were able to accomplish (between us we have 9 kiddos to take care of!) Hopefully we wont let you down. 2) Clean out my craft room. (pics to follow!) 3) lose 8 pounds (that's 2 a week. I can do it right?) I will just start there remember I want to keep this attainable!

What are your GOALS for Jan?

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  1. My top 3 for January are
    1. Be more focused (have a plan and a pourpose)
    2. Organize and Clean my House
    3. I dido the 8 pounds