Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It a BiRtHdAy!

I have always been the un-tradional on in the family. I refuse to cook the Big Sunday Dinners (its a day of rest people!) I try to find the easiest way to do anything. (Like did you know that instead of cutting all the veggies like carrots, celery, onions you need for a soup base that you can find it pre done in the freezer section of the grocery store! GENIUS!!)

OK lets get back on track! I love Birthdays. I am 38 and I still count down to my day. I even make sure that no one forgets by leaving hints here and there. BUT I am not a fan of having the BIG 1 Birthday party. I know I am weird but here is why.... They don't really now what is going on and they end up getting really fussy and they don't really get to enjoy it! SO what we decided what we would do is have just a nice quiet 1st Birthday party with just us. We have a cake and we do let them go to town with it. But then here is the fun part for them, we give them a box of Tissue and just let them have the best time ever! It ends up being a great time for all!

AND we did however decide that we would have a party for the 5th Birthday! Its just as important for them at 5. They are a "BIG KID" now! They are going to start school soon and they are way more independent (as most of you already know!)

Here is my 5 year old! Happy Birthday Kiddo!!! She decided that she wanted a Tinkerbell Party. SO everything was done kinda woodsie and fairly like. (just so you know I like to make up words too!)

I have been pretty obsessed with making Banners lately (and I have some cute ones that I will post some other time!)

Love the twinkling lights. I even made the tulle and the leaf garland. I was in a very crafty mood for this day. For the tulle one I just cut pieces of tulle and bunched them together to make pom pom like balls and glued them to some Jute twine. Then for the leaf one I bought a container of leaves and also glued them to Jute. Looks pretty cool huh? I also went to the dollar store and got wings, tutus, and fairy wands for the girls. (we had 5 girls!) I know I have a pic of them just could locate a good one to share. All in All they had a blast!

Now for the fairy food. I found everything on a small scale. Anything that said Mini, I bought it and the girls LOVED it! As the "Fairies" were munching on their snacks they watched the New Tinkerbell movie that came out last fall. (Pixie Hollow Games)

She still talks about her BIG day! It was something that she will always remember

What do you do for Birthdays? What are some fun Traditions?

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