Wednesday, March 28, 2012


New Years resolutions are something I look forward to every New Year. I love setting goals and working toward them all year not just at the beginning of the new year. But I also love the clean slate at the begging of the new year, a fresh start on uncharted territory. So far I have only managed to keep one New Years resolution. No Caffeinated Soda, I have managed to go without my caffeine fix for the past almost 4 months (go me). But that doesn't mean my resolve as wained towards my other goals for this year. I just get to try harder each day to do a little better.
How are you doing on your resolutions?


  1. I don't really set my goals according to the new year. But I do have two goals I'd like to have accomplished before summer is over- purging - which involves getting rid of things we don't need anymore or use, and organizing what's left. And getting in to better shape. The first one, it's coming along. The second...(crickets chirping)

  2. Sounds like you are doing great! No, the zoo is not opened yet...hopefully soon.