Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guess What I had for breakfast..

Did you know that there are over 13 flavors of Cheerios? Crazy huh? But AWESOME!

My kids LOVED the yogurt blends when they were teething. My daughter would pick them out and eat those and give me the non yogurt ones.

I haven't tried the Peanut Butter ones yet, But they are in my pantry for tomorrow morning.

This is the one I had this morning. It was like sitting in Heaven. YUMMY! I wonder how it would taste if I mixed the Chocolate ones with them!

These are Divine as well. I think I will get a box soon and try them out with the peanut butter ones as well!

But this is the families all time favorite. We LOVE them. My kiddos aren't into all the sugary cereals that they have on the market believe me I have tried them out. So I finally just gave up on them and we are SATISFIED with our Cheerios! Go HERE for some yummy recipes! Great way for your stock that you may have in your food storage!

What is your favorite Cheerios flavor?

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  1. I was so sad. I went to the store yesterday and couldn't find the peanutbutter ones. I LOVE those!!! I like the chocolate, yogurt (my boys loved those when they were babies), and multi-grain. We mostly eat the multi-grain ones. We do like the cinnamon cheerios. I will have to try the dulce de leche. I just love cheerios!