Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HaPpY bIrThDaY.. We are 3!

3 years ago we came up with this blog to share things that our Mom would have loved to share with others. More of a tribute to her and all of her hobbies that she passed on to us. The last couple of years since her passing we have had "Grandma J Pay it Forward Days"

The rule is to do something that will help another. We have heard of some amazing stories. Even people that haven't known our mom has stepped in and had great experiences in what they have done. Service was a huge part of moms life and we want to follow her example and do our part. I love that commercial when one person does something nice for another and someone else sees that and they do something and it becomes a full circle from where it began.

Have a great day of Service! And THANK YOU for following our Blog.

Remember the more followers we get we will start having giveaways. We have some already in mind so share with your friends!!!

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