Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Conference

I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every 6 months we have General Conference (the first weekend of April and Oct) This is where we all gather together and have the opportunity to hear our Living Prophet Thomas S Monson (and other general leaders) speak to us.
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We have 3 toddlers and we have the opportunity to watch General Conference on TV. Maybe when they are a lot older we can try to attend at the Conference Center .

Last Oct I made "Conference Baskets" for each of the kids. I went to the Dollar store and found each a different colored baskets and then filled them up with crayons, pictures of Christ, Families, Prophets, and other related pictures that they could color. Also had some snacks for each of them like Apple slices, fruit snack, crackers, cookies, and a Bottle of water. Since conference is for the weekend I kept some for The Sat sessions (we have a morning and afternoon) and then had a stash for the Sun Sessions (again Morn/Afternoon).

My kids were so excited for their baskets. I don't expect them to sit for all of it. Like I said they are toddlers. In the pic below they are 2, 3, &4. (Since then my oldest turned 5). BUT they did AMAZING and I was able to listen to all of the very first sessions on Sat and Sun! Even my oldest was able to pick up little things here and there that was said and gave Hubby and I time to share our Testimonies with her.

The reason for the EARLY post of Conference (because I know its not until Mar 31-April 1) is because My now 5 year old asked if we were going to have the special baskets soon. And it got me thinking.... I have Amble of time to start getting things together.

Share some of your Conference Traditions

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