Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday Dinners

Looks DE-LISH huh? We got a pork pic-nic butt roast over the weekend ($1.48 a pound) and I roasted it for 5 hours at 350. I sprinkled Moms favorite seasoning of all times....OLD BAY and that was it. It reminded me of all those wonderful Sunday Dinners that would bring us all together. And not just our immediate family...everyone could smell our parents cooking and everyone enjoyed it until there were NO leftovers.
One summer we had our family (parents plus 6 kids) and our Moms sister's family (parents plus 6 kids (they were visiting for TX for a couple of weeks)) so meal time at the house was a HUGE ordeal. One morning they made a MASSIVE amount of pancakes and eggs and bacon and toast..you name it if it was a breakfast food it was on the table. Mom was teasing one of the older boys (a Nephew) that the last one form the table had to finish everything! There wasn't room in the fridge for all the leftovers. SO needless to say he was the last and he finished eating everything on the table. It was one thing that mom and him remembered to talk about EVERY TIME they got together. She would always ask if he wanted pancakes! (I think he still turns green if you mention them!)
Great food, Great company and most of all GREAT memories.

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