Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guess What I did...

Yep it is so true.. I took ALL 3 of my babies (ages 3, 2, and 11 mo) to the Dentist today. I know you are thinking that I am insane to do this little venture all by my lonesome. But think about it. Which is worse? Making 3 separate apts and having to cancel one of them because someone is moody that day or sick (and yes, that someone is ME!) then is gets put off for who knows when and then the poor child or children have already lost all their teeth because I failed to get them in every 6 months for their cleanings. WHEW! I am already exhausted just thinking about that outcome. But I sucked it up and was the BRAVEST mother I could be and what a sigh of relief... its done! And the best part was that it was so painless.

The Dentist and his staff are amazing. They are all so patient with the kids and really took the time with each of them. After the Dr was finished with each child he went over how I can help them with their flossing and brushing while he was doing that the Techs took turns playing tag with my girls while I was getting tips on how to do my part. Its a real fun office. The girls loved watching Disney movies over head and they each got to pick out a new toothbrush. After the visit we received Report cards and inside were coupons for some yummy treats. (Ice cream cone from Arctic Circle and A free kids meal form Del Taco)

From this experience I hope to keep up on my kids treatments so that thy will have a healthy smile and not be afraid. We are taking baby steps and starting at a young age. Check out Little People's Dental on their site they have Videos on how to brush and floss and also how to prepare your little ones for a positive visit. Also one thing that was very helpful for me was the new patient forms were right there for me to print out. Since I filled out 3.. that saved a lot of time. Call them and make your little ones apt. You wont be disappointed....Your little ones are catered to! And that makes me one happy Mama!

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