Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let the Countdowns begin.

First of all to start off the day we went to the Festival of Trees . This has been a tradition for me and the kids for the last 4 years. We head over to the kids corner and do a few crafty things then walk over to all the BEAUTIFUL trees. Here are a couple of pics that my 5 year old took. (I think she did a great job!) The Festival is running until the 3rd so head on over with your family and friends. Be prepared to get a DE-LISH Cinnamon Roll. They smell AMAZING! All the proceeds will go to Primary Children's Medical Center So your helping a great cause!

Now we are going to be doing a couple of countdowns for Christmas this year. We are playing around with ones and see what our young family adapts too. We want to keep Christ as our man focus and help the little one know the Real reason for the celebration. So Grandma bought the kids the Chocolate countdown. Which is a perfect little treat!

My 5 year old brought the one below from preschool. Her teacher made each chain with a little act of service on it. CUTE! Today we sang a Christmas song. Some of the others are make cookies and share with another family, Give someone a hug, Help pick up toys, and many more. we are all excited to do this one.

Here is another one that we are going to try. I love all the wonderful ideas that are out there.

How do you countdown to Christmas with your family?

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  1. I Love that Tradition, And the countdown chain is do cute