Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's make Bunnies....

maybe about 10 or so years ago. Mom and I were Visiting Teachers together and we saw some bunnies in the store and thought we can do this. Every year since I have made them for the sister's that I visit. Its fun and and so easy..

To make one you will need: 1 dish towel, 2 wash cloths, 4 clear rubber bands (i use the ones that are the small stretchy kind) ribbon to match, and candy of your choice
I start off by making the ears. I roll one wash cloth in a diagonal. The bottom left to the center and the top right to the center as below
Then I unfold the dish towel and place the ears midway leaving the back shorter then the front.

Place a band at the neck try to make it go around twice to make it hold. Then do the same at the base of the ears.
Now for the arms. Rolling the wash cloth for top to bottom meeting in the middle just like for the ears. Only not in the diagonal.

Place the arms just under the neck and secure with a band.

Fold the arms to the center and place a band at the end of the cloth

Then add your embellishments. Ribbon and candy. Great gift!

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  1. I love this bunnies, this really brings memories back!